Monday, April 30, 2012

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<Review Edition Part 2>

Star Carrier: Center of Gravity (Book 2) 
So lets start this off by saying I rated Book 1 (Earth Strike) at 3.5 overall. The overall story was VERY interesting when the two books combine (meaning read them both) however there were some major issues I had with it so lets get going.  

Pros: Story - the way he keeps the story moving without you feeling bored or slowed down is very nice. When I was reading the book I found myself not wanting to stop as I loved the space battle combat and the way he described everything. Characters, some may remember that my main issue with the last book was the cardboard cut out characters of his. Well rejoice! In this book we not only get even more in depth look at the mind and emotions of Grey (main character from last book) but he also dives into a little bit of history and emotions of the Rear Admiral. He also does something I had not expected. He brought in a new character, and not only brought in but made you connect with her in the same fashion he did with Grey in the last book (not completely but fairly close). I love how he is foreshadowing the last book and the reveal that any intelligent reader can see coming. He makes it kind of obvious but I still like the way he is revealing it to the characters in the book.  

Cons: Continuity - the way he ignores obvious military options that would have opened up because of certain things happening in the last book boggles my mind. Instead of a military learning from an improvised attack that proved effective they completely ignore it in this universe. Tactics that he used in the first book that would be perfect for some battles in this book are overlooked and not even touched on at times. Granted I understand he had new ideas that he wanted to use but he could have at least explained why he didn't use some of the same tactics he did in the first book. Plus it also felt like the rules of the universe changed slightly around the tech that he used. Over description, the other issue I had with the first book appears to just be this authors writing style it seems. This issue is purely personal, however I felt as though he explained how the FTL drive worked 5 times over the course of the 2 books and truthfully I don't think most people are that forgetful. On a last note I did find 3 Spelling/Grammar errors that should have been corrected...not a huge deal but worth mentioning.  

Overall: Good book with a great continuing of the story from the first book. Slightly over descriptive and has some continuity errors that are easy to see if looking, but over compensates by creating an emotional link between you and a couple characters that his first book lacked. While I can't in good conscious give this book a full 4/5 I can give it a 3.7/5 as it is better then the first and kept my attention longer, but the errors and over description keeps it from a full 4/5  

Star Carrier Book 1 Earth Strike: 3.5/5  
Star Carrier Book 2 Center of Gravity: 3.7/5

-> Hunter


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