Thursday, April 19, 2012

Why I haven't updated...

You know those days when everything (and I mean everything) works to frustrate you?
And eventually it gets to the point where it's just so ridiculous that it becomes funny?
That was today. 

Go to see orthodontist. Get impressions done. Clay junk gets stuck to my brackets. Can't talk or move for three to five minutes while the doctor viciously tugs at my teeth until it comes off. Funny in retrospect, but gawsh it hurt! Endure sore teeth for the rest of the day.

Get home. Dear little brother has spilled bleach all over the very old, very expensive rug. 
Brother is now locked in a dresser drawer being fed with a tube.
(That last part really isn't true. Really.) 

In my haste to help him clean up the rest of the bleach before it ruins the wood floor, I allow the car door to swing freely. There is now a nice, purdy little scratch on the door. I think it gives it character. Mom does not agree.

Time to milk the goats and take care of the other ol' farm stuff that we do on the farm with the goats. Was that sentence massively redundant? Yes. Do I care? No. 
Take a moment before going outside to put some laundry in the washer. Realize that dear little brother wiped up the bleach with our nice towels. He then put them in the laundry basket... With our other nice towels. Bye bye, nice towels. :)

Storm is coming in. Chores still aren't done. Eight goat kids need their shots. Beehives need tending. Chickens keep trying to sneak into the milking room. Dad drops a ladder on the dog. 
Dad's screen printer derps and prints the wrong logo on a batch of t-shirts we need by tomorrow.Dear little sister is running a 102* fever.

At least we have ice-cream.


Eat ice-cream. World peace.

Much love,


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