Sunday, May 6, 2012

Crafty: Narnian Jewelry + Socktopus

Who doth linger here? Ah, it beist my dear readers. Welcome, welcome. Come in and rest a while, let us converse in friendship. Perhaps you would lend your ear to my stories? They be tales of great and heroic nature. Tales of faraway lands and talking beasts, of kings and queens and the end of time...

Now, all frivolous speech aside, please allow me to bombard your eyes with my shiny handmade bracelet.

My wrists are perhaps not the most delicate of models, but the jewelry shines just the same. How is it made? I'm glad you asked. 

  • 1 Bronze bezel bracelet base (Found on
  • 1 Set of five domed glass cabochons  
  • A bottle of Mod Podge
  • Super glue
  • Scissors
To sum it up quickly:
  1. I took photos of the book pages I wanted
  2. Printed them
  3. Traced the outlines of the cabochons around the words I wanted
  4. Cut out the resulting circles
  5. Spread a layer of Mod Podge on the cabochons
  6. Placed the paper circles on top of the Mod Podge layer
  7. Let it dry for five minutes
  8. Added another layer of Mod Podge
  9. Let it dry completely
  10. Super glued the cabochons into place
Done! A bracelet that looks as if it stepped right out of your favorite fairytale! (And brought the story along with it)

As much as I wish I could claim this idea, the genius belongs solely to Adrianne of Happy Hour Projects. You can find her original post here, and bask in her brilliance.


Now, to wrap things up, I'd like to showcase my favorite little octopod. :)

I've already mentioned this fellow in passing, but he is just far too classy not to have some decent attention. However, he wouldn't complain if he was ignored. He's used to being under foot.
Because he's a sock.
Yes, I did just stoop that low...
To the ground...
Like a sock.

Again, I can't claim the brain that conceived of the Socktopus. However, I can claim a bit more creativity this time around. I came across a sock-octopus idea on Pinterest, but there was no link to a DIY. So instead I proceeded to: 
  1. Take a sock
  2. Stuff the top
  3. Twist and sew/tie it shut under the bulge
  4. Squish the head into shape
  5. Tie a ribbon or other material for decorative purposes and to cover the messy-looking twist
  6. Cut the bottom of the sock into 8 tentacle strips
  7. Sew button eyes on
Very simple, and very cute. And of course, now you have a use for those lonely old single socks you were going to throw away. (Remember, if you make a socktopus and then find the missing sock match later, you can always just make an octopus couple!)

So that's it for today. 
     God Bless.

           -> Heather


  1. I love how it turned out!! It makes me want to go read the books again. :) Feel free to post a photo on my Facebook page to share with everyone, if you would like to!


    1. Thank you! I don't have a FaceBook account, but thank you for the offer. :)


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