Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Geek Chic: Legends of Equestria

Hay everypony! If you're familiar with the hit television show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, you'll probably know what I'm going to be talking about in this post. If you're not familiar with the show, I feel sorry for you. And, if you're one of those strange ones like my co-author Hunter, who has seen the show and still doesn't like it, I have no idea which wires are tangled in your brain. Love and tolerate.

So, to get to the point. A certain group of Bronies are working on a very large gaming project known as Legends of Equestria. This game will be a child-friendly, completely free-to-play MMO, featuring quests, combat, mini-games, social interaction, ect. ect. ect. and much more. 
Excited yet? You should be! This game looks to have a lot of potential, let's just hope it doesn't crash and burn. You can check out some pre-alpha gameplay footage below. Enjoy!

EXTRA NOTE: According to SweBow ( LoE - Public Relations & Business), the game will be compatible with both Windows and Macintosh computers.

P.S. A Personal message to Hunter.
Yes I am tormenting you with more ponies.
As for the cake being a lie? We shall see.


  1. I promise you it won't be in 3D as most of you are thinking. It will have a completely 3D EVIRORMENT. Meaning it's like 90% of the other MMOs out there right now. The real question about this game is if it's a re-skinning of WoW with the same old grinding quests and such or if it's different somehow. Will it involve fighting and killing things? Crafting item or grinding for them to drop as loot? Or is it just going to be Penguin Online where it's a bunch of mini games and a social club? Only time will tell.

    P.S. Thats how a real Video Game nerd looks at a new possible game :P

    1. Okay, okay. I admit my wording wasn't top notch. I'll have to fix that so people don't get confused and start thinking of those silly cardboard glasses.
      I'll probably fill in some more detailed info later, but it looks like you've been answered by Swebow from LoE!

  2. Do not worry Hunter. We're actually both WoW and Club Penguin. And so much more.

    We do have quests, we do have fighting monsters, we do have mini-games (when we start making them that is) etc.

    The game will be in 3D, it won't change. Since our engine after all is Unity3D.

    Another thing, we have made the game that you do not need to do quests or minigames. You can just hangout with your friends and having fun.

    We done something most haven't. We combined what's good in every other MMO and try to bake it to one piece. Why can we do this? Because we aren't profiting so we do not have a publisher forcing us to hurry up and make odd decisions.

    And yes, I am SweBow from Legends of Equestria. Just ping me on our IRC if you do not believe me :P


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