Monday, July 30, 2012

Craft: Make-Your-Own Chalkboard Paint

Craft #3

Homemade chalkboards.
This one is unbelievably simple.
First you find a surface to paint ( I used wood scraps left over from one of my dad's projects), then you mix some simple ingredients in a disposable container.

1 Tbsp unsanded grout
1/2 C  acrylic or latex paint 

Brush the mixture evenly over your chosen surface, let it dry, and TADAAA!
A wild chalkboard appears!

And if you want to dress them up, you can do what I did and brush another color on the sides. They would look fine either way, but I thought the green made them seem more complete.

So there you go, another simple, low cost craft for you! Just remember to use a disposable container to mix it in, and to rinse your brush immediately after you finish. The grout makes this combination dry incredibly fast, and once it's dry there's no removing it. (Or at least no way I know of, though I haven't tried very hard. ) 

Of course, wood scraps aren't the only things you can paint. (Well, DUH! Silly Heather, feeling like to have to mention the obvious. tsk tsk.) Anyway, my brain is too lazy to come up with more creative applications for the paint, but I'm sure my incredible readers will go on and make something brilliant with it! If you do, please link it back here and let me know!

That's all for now then. Until tomorrow ~ <3



  1. That is really neat! I love chalkboards. Are you still putting stuff on Etsy?

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I plan to. Not sure what to put up exactly but I have some ideas. i just haven't had the time to make anything since fair ended.


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