Saturday, July 28, 2012

Craft: Duck Tape Wallet

Craft #1 

Craft time! First off is a simple craft... 
The duck-tape wallet!

Unfortunately I can't claim this idea. The only reason I made this one is because my lovely friend Caroline made me one nearly a year ago. It's still holding together nicely and the stickiness hasn't run out on it's strap yet. It's been my favorite for a long time, and it's almost always sure to catch someone's attention. (Not to mention it's gorgeous and much nicer than the one I made.) 

Anywhoooo. Here's my attempt at mimicking her genius.

Snazzy patterned duck tape...

You know those tin pie pans? 
You know the clear plastic lids they have? 
You know how scissors work?
Yup. instant I.D. sleeve right there.

Aaaaaannnnddddd inside pockets for those handy little cards that I could use in place of money if my account didn't have about as much green in it as a desert and just as many tumbleweeds.

And to wrap this up, here's the shiny blue ribbon it won at County Fair.

You know the best thing about this project? 
It didn't cost anything! :D

P.S. There's a link to my Etsy shop near the top of the page hint hint.

Love you all 

~ Heather


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