Thursday, August 9, 2012

Craft: Pottery Whales

Craft #6

Hey everybody! Sorry for the wait. 
So for my craft today I have some of the most adorable little smudgie muffins you will ever see. I mean really, just look at their squidgy wittle faces! Have you ever ever ever seen a fuzzymudgecake as coodgely as these bumbledumplings?! They're just so wublydubly and-um....

Let's just forget you ever heard that...

Anyway... So yeah.

Pottery whales. 
They're kinda cute and stuff.

They're made entirely of clay, glazed with an opaque kind of glaze called sapphire (I think), and they took FOREVER and a day to make! The process included several near-heart-attack-inducing slip ups, including breaking one of the fins off while working on the other one, and splashing red glaze on the tail of the littler one. Of course, I just had to stress over the details for a week or so while we waited for the drying and firing, but in the end they turned out cute as buttons and not a trace of red on them!

And the best part? 

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 k bye



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